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  1. Ti Base Abutment: Advantages, Types, and Management Strategy

    Ti Base Abutment: Advantages, Types, and Management Strategy

    Titanium base abutments have increasingly been utilized in implant dentistry due to their strength, durability, and biocompatibility. Dental professionals need to be aware of the potential for issues. This includes screw loosening and excess cement around the implant soft tissue that can occur with titanium base abutments. Through advancements made in digital workflow technology combined with CAD/CAM fabrication processes these titanium products are becoming more precise which is adding to improved satisfaction from patients on a longer-term basis.

    As research continues to optimize the use of titanium-based abutments, patients and dental professionals need to remain informed to achieve successful outcomes.

    What is the Titanium Base Abutment?

    Titanium base abutments serve as an essential connection between dental implants and their restorations. Using titanium implants

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  2. The Importance of a Healing Abutment in Dental Implants

    The Importance of a Healing Abutment in Dental Implants
    The healing abutment is a crucial component that assists the post-implantation healing process. This modest device ensures the success of dental implant procedures.
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  3. Implant Gauge Indicators

    Implant Gauge Indicators

    Case Planning: A Crucial Step in Implant Dentistry

    The Importance of Pre-Operative Implant Gauge Indicator Use

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  4. The Internal Hex Implant Connection and Its Famous Inward Migration

    Internal Hex Connection

    The internal hex implant connection is the most popular dental implant connection on the market today.

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  5. The Big 5: Get to Know the World’s Leading Dental Implant Systems and Their Manufacturers

    Dental Implant Systems

    The dental implant market was valued at $4.38 billion in 2018 and has been projected by several economic reports to reach upwards of $8 billion by 2026

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  6. MegaGen® Implant Systems and Their Inherent Shortcomings

    MegaGen AnyRidge compatibility

    MegaGen® is a South Korean dental instrument and equipment manufacturer specializing in full restoration systems.

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  7. Pre-Milled Dental Abutment Blanks

    Pre-milled abutment

    The pre-milled abutment blank allows dentists, implantologists and prosthodontists to use their in-house

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  8. Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments vs. Traditional Impression Copings

    Transfer Abutment

    Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments (A Edison Medical™ Innovation) vs. Traditional Impression Copings

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  9. How Dentists Should be Buying Dental Implants in 2020

    dental implants 2020

    Are you buying the right products and in the proper quantities? Are you paying a fair price for them? Do you have your purchasing spread too widely across a variety of suppliers?

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  10. Implant Torque Wrench: Buying the Right Tool for the Perfect Fit

    Torque implant Wrench

    Dental implant tools are produced in many locations around the world, and standards of quality can vary drastically between them.

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