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  1. Implant Gauge Indicators

    Implant Gauge Indicators

    Case Planning: A Crucial Step in Implant Dentistry

    The Importance of Pre-Operative Implant Gauge Indicator Use

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  2. The Big 5: Get to Know the World’s Leading Dental Implant Systems and Their Manufacturers

    Dental Implant Systems

    The state of today’s dental implant system market

    The dental implant market was valued at $4.38 billion in 2018 and has been projected by several economic reports to reach upwards of $8 billion by 2026, powered by the rapid expansion of the aesthetic dentistry in the United States and a growing geriatric population. The current estimate in the U.S. is that approximately 120 million Americans have at least one tooth missing, while there are more than 36 million edentulous Americans. According to a 2017 census, the U.S. market share is more than $1 billion, with Germany and Canada being the next countries in line, having market shares of more than $289 million and $84 million, respectively.

    Dental Implant market by country

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  3. The Internal Hex Implant Connection and Its Famous Inward Migration

    Internal Hex Connection

    The internal hex implant connection is the most popular dental implant connection on the market today. It has been adopted by most dental professionals as the preferred implant connection over its predecessor, the external hex. Developed with the purpose of addressing clinical complications experienced with the external hex, the internal hex was considered a revolutionary design over its external counterpart and is now considered the ‘industry standard.’

    Some of the leading implant brands compatible with the internal hex connection include Alpha Bio Tec.®, Legacy™ by Implant Direct®, Biohorizons®, Zimmer®, Blue Sky Bio®, Lamina™ by Edison Medical™, Adin® and Noris Medical®.

    Internal Hex implant

    The inward migration of the hex connection

    The external hex connection started it all. Developed by Swedish orthopedic surgeon Per-Ingvar Brånemark and se

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  4. MegaGen® Implant Systems and Their Inherent Shortcomings

    MegaGen AnyRidge compatibility

    The background and history of MegaGen®

    MegaGen® is a South Korean dental instrument and equipment manufacturer specializing in full restoration systems. Established in 2002 under CEO Kwang-Bum Park, the company has expanded rapidly over its almost two decades of operation and is currently revenuing around $25 million annually. Expansion was aggressive from the getgo with MegaGen®; the company’s foundations were laid and developed by dental industry professionals and the initial years of existence were dedicated to expanding into the US market with FDA approval of a range of implant systems. The company’s attractive prices and comprehensive offerings played a significant role in its rapid rise in popularity across the globe. In addition to its South Korean headquarters, MegaGen®’s presence in more than 100 countries is supported by their 90+ distributors and 12 affiliates.

    MegaGen dental implant system

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  5. Pre-Milled Dental Abutment Blanks

    Pre-milled abutment

    The pre-milled abutment blank allows dentists, implantologists and prosthodontists to use their in-house

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  6. Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments vs. Traditional Impression Copings

    Transfer Abutment

    Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments (A Edison Medical™ Innovation) vs. Traditional Impression Copings

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  7. How Dentists Should be Buying Dental Implants in 2020

    dental implants 2020

    Are you buying the right products and in the proper quantities? Are you paying a fair price for them? Do you have your purchasing spread too widely across a variety of suppliers?

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  8. Implant Torque Wrench: Buying the Right Tool for the Perfect Fit

    Torque implant Wrench

    Dental implant tools are produced in many locations around the world, and standards of quality can vary drastically between them.

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  9. Edison medical 2019 Product Catalog

    dibay catalog implants 2019

    During the past 2 years at Edison Medical™, we have been working dedicatedly on researching, designing and manufacturing our versatile new line of products.

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  10. Edison Medical™ at IDS 2019

    IDS 2019 - Edison Medical

    The International Dental Show is the world’s biggest and most important trade fair for dental medicine and dental technology. The event is held bi-yearly in Cologne, Germany by the GFDI.

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