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Multi-Unit & Screw Retained

EM’s multi-unit and screw-retained selection

Edison Medical offers two multi-unit abutment options for screw-retained implant systems: our classic line that features an M1.4 fixation screw, and Edison Medical’s Clicq™ Multi-Unit line, featuring a larger diameter (M1.6) fixation screw. All of Edison Medical’s multi-unit screw-retained abutments are milled from the finest quality titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI) and undergo a physical vapor deposition (PVD) process using titanium nitride (TiN), whose coating improves abutment biocompatibility and tribological properties. 

Both the classic and Clicq™ multi-unit abutments are available in a wide variety of collar heights and angles, with an unmatched range of solutions for minimal lateral offset and angulation correction. In addition to multi-unit abutments, Edison Medical offers an assortment of components and bars to complete your multi-unit system, as well as digital solutions and CAD/CAM scan bodies, Ti-bases for multi-units, as well as downloadable CAD implant libraries.

Edison Medical’s selection is designed for use with an extensive list of the market’s leading brands, and the portfolio allows dental professionals to build the perfect multi-unit system for each patient, with room to customize based on each individual’s needs. The restorative flexibility, surgical efficiency and intelligent design of the multi-unit systems make them an especially beneficial solution for All-on-4®, All-on-6® and All-on-X patients. Thanks to the design of multi-unit abutments, screw-retained implants can be placed at varying predetermined divergence angles, which strengthens the prosthetic structure by distributing masticatory forces evenly around the jaw and makes this system much more effective than a multi-unit screw-retained hybrid denture system that employs traditional abutments.

Screw-retained system across-brand usability

Edison Medical’s Clicq™ Multi-Unit abutments are designed for use with a wide variety of screw-retained implant systems, including but not limited to:

  • Alpha Bio®
  • Astra Tech®
  • BioHorizon®
  • Dentium®
  • Dio®
  • Hiossen®
  • Implant Direct® 
  • Megagen®
  • MIS® Implants
  • Neo Biotech®
  • Nobel Biocare®
  • Osstem TS®
  • Straumann® Bone Level
  • Zimmer®

The Clicq™ Multi-Unit: A tough and intelligent design

When seeking durability in a multi-unit screw-retained abutment, Edison Medical’s Clicq™ line is the toughest of the tough. The ideal combination of construction: a titanium nitride (TiN) coating coupled with an expanded M1.6 fixation screw (compared to the classic M1.4 multi-unit fixation screw). Another major advantage that Edison Medical’s Clicq™ Multi-Unit abutment line offers over the classic line: its increased torque ability, with a maximum of 22-25 Ncm, compared to the 15 Ncm of the classic multi-unit abutment. 

Edison Medical’s Clicq™ Multi-Unit abutments and accessories equip dentists with all the necessary tools to tackle any multi-unit edentulous case. Compared to the classic multi-unit which has an M1.4 fixation screw, the Clicq™ Multi-unit features a wider diameter of M1.6. How is this a game changer? The larger diameter of the Clicq™ line provides a more stable connection that is less susceptible to breakage. The smaller diameter of the classic multi-unit’s M1.4 screw renders these abutments more fragile and vulnerable to breakage, thus requiring more frequent replacement. 

Clicq™ Multi-Unit kit formats

Edison Medical’s Clicq™ Multi-Units are available for screw-retained denture systems in three formats: single units, mini kits, and professional kits. Abutment collar height and angulation options are based on the individual unit desired, as well as the necessary brand requirements. All Clicq™ Multi-Unit abutments have a maximum torque of 25 Ncm and come in three angle options: straight, 17° and 30°. 

Mini kits for straight multi-unit abutments are available in 5 different collar heights, while angled abutments (either 17° and 30°) can be selected in three different collar heights. 

The mini-kit contains:

  • 1 Clicq™ Multi-Unit abutment
  • 1 titanium sleeve
  • 1 plastic sleeve
  • 1 abutment analog
  • 1 open transfer
  • 1 closed transfer
  • 1 healing cap
  • 2 screws

Each 84-piece professional kit is equipped with a selection of multi-unit parts and tools that facilitate a smooth chairside workflow for dental professionals that are placing a higher volume of screw-retained implants. The professional kit includes:

  • 4 straight multi-unit abutments with a 1.5-mm collar
  • 4 straight multi-unit abutments with a 2.5-mm collar
  • 4 straight multi-unit abutments with a 3.5-mm collar
  • 4 straight multi-unit abutments with a 4.5-mm collar
  • 6 angled 17° rotational multi-unit abutments
  • 2 angled 17° anti-rotational multi-unit abutments
  • 6 angled 30° rotational multi-unit abutments
  • 2 angled 30° anti-rotational multi-unit abutments
  • 6 closed tray plastic transfers
  • 6 open tray transfers
  • 6 abutment analogs
  • 6 healing caps
  • 6 castable plastic sleeves
  • 6 temporary titanium sleeves
  • 2 rotational adhesive caps
  • 2 anti-rotational adhesive caps
  • 1 scan body
  • 10 prosthetic titanium screws
  • 1 screwdriver

Classic multi-unit abutments

Edison Medical also offers a range of classic M1.4 multi-unit screw-retained abutments and bars. Abutments in this line have a rotational cone in three angle options: straight, 17° and 30°. The straight abutments are available in five collar heights ranging from 1.5 mm to 5.5 mm, while the angled abutments have three collar heights to choose from: 1.0 mm, 2.0 mm and 3.0 mm. All of Edison Medical’s classic multi-unit abutments have a maximum torque of 15 Ncm, and the rotational cones are designed for use with Nobel Biocare®, as well as All-on-4® and All-on-6® concepts. Classic multi-unit abutments are available exclusively as individual pieces.

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