The Core of Core Bone Grafting For Dental Implants


How far have we come in the world of CoreBone Grafting? We currently have the privilege of being front row to some of the most exciting technological and biological advances in the world of Dental Implants and Oral Health. It is now, more than ever, that we are finding exciting biocompatible materials to replace older and less “friendly” options as a means for dealing with a wide variety of dental treatments.

Ocean corals have been a viable options since the early 80’s when Prof. White observed that corals had several resemblances (or correlation- for the sake of a good pun!) to that of human bones. Not only was there a resemblance to that of human bone structure, the porous structure and calcium carbonate matched too. Due to this Prof. White had a theory that ocean corals could very well be possible candidates for bone substitutes.


Since Prof. White’s postulated that biotechnology has come a long way, and with it the research and success of Coral Bone Grafting within the world of Dental Implants.

This progress did not come without its fare share of challenges, some of which included issues with biocompatibility in various patients when coral bone was used.

It was Zhidao Xia that managed to find a method in which to improve the qualities of corals, manipulating it in such a manner that made it far more biocompatible to humans.

How far has Core Bone Implants come?

Today, however with the ever growing issue of ocean coral availability (due to the excessive use of ocean corals) there is a need to create a controlled environment in which to grow corals. This enables to create a precise and better product without the unexpected variable which exists in our oceans (such as water pollution).

Providing an ideal replacement to bovine & synthetic bone grafts.

Here at Edison Medical™ we pride ourselves in providing our clients with top of the line products, Core Bone being no exception.

Our CoreBone Coral Grafting is by far an ideal replacement for synthetic products and bovine while still enjoying the positive qualities found such as: strength, structure and resorption.

Due to today’s technology, it is possible to grow Core Bone in a controlled environment which enables monitoring levels of nutrients in the water.

The 3 main components which make CoreBone the success that it is are: Strontium, Calcium and Silicium. These have been known to play a crucial role in the process of mineralization of the bone, as well as the enzyme reaction with osteogenic cells.

The Advantages of CoreBone Grafting:

  • It has been proven to be safe, not only putting the ocean out of harm’s way, but safe to use on humans
  • CoreBone has been proven to be up to five times stronger than synthetic options
  • It is produced in a highly controlled environment, these are enhanced with Strontium and Silicium, granting better strength and bioactivity
  • CoreBone’s structure contributes to the growth and stimulation of new bone cells
  • To better the formation and remodelling of the bone structure, there is a mixture of cortico- cancellous.
  • The compressive strength of CoreBone can go up to as much as 18 MPA, which in some cases can be five times stronger than that of human bone or other synthetic solutions.

You are welcome to learn more about our Premium Quality CoreBone products on our website, as we guarantee you will be nothing short of satisfied with your purchase!


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