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As we all well know Dental Implants have been around for a very long time and have made leaps and strides in the field of their practicality, material choices, biocompatibility and much more. With any medical field, there are pioneering companies and manufacturers that are synonymous with that particular field. The same applies to the field of dental implants.

Companies Like Straumann®, Nobel Biocare® and Zimmer® are big and well known companies on the playing field. They have been around for a good few decades, they have made a name for themselves in dental practices and are identified as providing their clients with high quality products. All this is true, as these companies have pathed the way to where dental implants are in the 21 century.

However, times are changing in the world of dental implants in the way in which we perceive the act of purchasing, as well as how and where we choose to spend our money.Smaller companies are born, offering similar products at the same price points as the ‘founding fathers’ and a battle to win the client’s heart (and wallet) begins. With so many companies rising in the market, it provides clients with a wider range to choose from, to think twice whether to spend their money where they have so many years with a well known company or to try out some of the new kids on the block with new and different products on offer.

dibay™ showed up on the scene in 2010 and wanted to make a change in the way dental implants and the process of purchasing them was perceived until then.

At that time, and even now in 2018, ordering your dental implant solutions was done via a Sales Rep. This means making time to set up a meeting that suits both parties, meeting, going over all the products (even the ones that you were less interested in but need to be sold for that special end of the year bonus), placing an order, paying (for the sales rep’s time, that awesome “free” conference in the Caribbeans in January, and of course the products you ordered), and waiting for your order to arrive.

Pretty time consuming, right? RIGHT.

What Edison Medical™ set out to do, was to change the rules.

What could be more convenient than browsing over products YOU are interested in, ordering them, paying for them and waiting to receive it within a few business days, than in the comfort of your own practice or home?

Pretty awesome right? RIGHT.

And to have those products at attractive prices that do not include the nice Sale Rep’s time and that conference that you weren’t planning on attending anyway.


So, Who Has Straumann® Compatible Implants?

dibay™ has been from the start all about cutting out the middleman and letting you choose when you want to order, what you want to order, at a price that you were comfortable with and in exchange enjoy a very generous variety of premium quality products that are ALL compatible (for example MIS® implant compatible Zimmer® on offer for our clients) with those big ‘founding father’ companies that are the most popular on the market.

At Edison Medical™ we understand that quality is the most important aspect when choosing where to take your business. But accessibility, customer service and price is just as important. We are constantly striving to provide our clients with products that undergo rigorous quality control, they are produced of the finest materials on offer, providing options such as MegaGen® Implant Compatibility or Straumann® Compatible Implants. And all this is done via a super user friendly website (and soon to be App) so that you, the customer, will enjoy a purchasing experience that is uncompromising as well as time efficient.


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