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Getting to know our Premium Quality Compatible products for Sirona Cad Cam Cerec

At Edison Medical™ produce top of the line items that are compatible with the leading brands on the market today, at affordable prices that grant you best value for money during your purchases on our website.

When used our fully compatible Sirona CAD CAM CEREC products, you spare your patients the inconvenience of unnecessary impressions of dental implant treatment, but rather provide customized dental abutments with screw retained crowns in one visit.

We use premium quality materials for temporary and final restoration options, customizing solutions of the highest standard of clinical safety.

Some of the many benefits include:

– Digital impressions which enable to complete the treatment in one session.

– This enables you to expand your service range within the field of dental implantology.

– When providing customized abutments you grant better clinical safety than the standard abutments.

With such favorable qualities in these products, our clients can enjoy a variety of 100% compatible products with Sirona CEREC® CAD/CAM Ti-Bases, enabling our clients to use the exact same library files as that of the Sirona Cad Cam CEREC company. This precision promises perfect compatibility, be it with our Ti-Base products. This not only give you the peace of mind that you are purchasing a fully compatible product, but moreover at affordable prices.

We currently have these Ti-Bases available for Nobel Active System as well as Internal Hex connection, such as: Zimmer®, MIS®, BioHorizons®, Implant Direct® ect.

In addition, we also offer All-In-One Milling Burs/ Drills for inLab® MC XL are the machine parts, that do the actual milling of the composite blocks used in the CEREC inLab® MC XL.
Sirona Cad Cam CEREC

One of our leading categories to date is our Sirona CEREC® CAD/CAM products. These products are produced from Titanium Grade 5, which is also known as Ti-6AL-4V-ELI. (ELI is short for “Extra Low Interstitials” that provide more ductility and better fracture toughness).

The success of the Titanium Grade 5 is due to its favorable property combinations which are:

  • It’s low in weight

  • High modulus of elasticity

  • High strength to weight ratio

  • Extremely high corrosion resistance

  • Stellar biocompatibility

Here at Edison Medical™ we take immense pride in all our products, from the design to the premium quality materials used during production process, to the customer service that we provide to our clients around the world.

We would love to invite you to visit our website to learn more about us as a company, as well as our wide range of products, we well as our outstanding Sirona CEREC® CAD/CAM compatible products.


Other compatible CAD/CAM Ti-Bases: Amann Girrbach®, Zirkonzahn®

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