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Dental Implants

Edison Medical is proud to introduce our new dental implants line including four different connections types:

Lamina® Implant– Internal Hex Connection, which is one of the most popular and well known connections in the market, compatible with many brands such as: Zimmer®, BioHorizons®, Alpha Bio®, Implant Direct® (Legacy), MIS®, Adin® etc’
Fortis® Implant – Conical Connection, compatible with Osstem® & Hiossen®
Artic® Implant – Conical Connection, compatible with Nobel Biocare®, Nobel Active®
iOS3® Implant – Conical Connection narrow implant, compatible with Astra® Tech

Main Advantages: Premium Packaging - Mountless implant seats inside a titanium sleeve Simplicity - One implant design with various connections Built-in Platform Switching - Prevent crestal bone loss Micro Rings - Reduces bone stress and bone resorption Dual Threads - Faster insertion Initial Stability - Progressive threads with compression properties Implant Surface - SLA Safe Insertion - Curved passive apex


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