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Compatible Ball Attachments

There are several options on the market today for osseointegrated implants and overdentures. Ball attachments and abutments are intended for non-splintered restorations in the mandible. Due to the challenging nature of this treatment, it is necessary to understand the products available to choose from, along with their advantages and disadvantages.


This solution has been working with high success for years, are now considered an older technology in light of the more recently developed overdenture attachments. Despite this, they still hold several advantages over overdenture attachments. Transferred force to the bone is lower than overdenture attachments, lowering the risk of fracture in cases of severe, long-term force. For patients whose bones are not in an ideal state of health and quality, they are preferred over overdentures, as they are more capable of preserving cortical bone. This option is particularly favored in edentulous older patients because treatment is simple, cost effective, and restoration is hygienic and easy for the patient to handle.


The ball by its nature sits higher above the gum line than their newer competitors, overdenture attachments and others. Therefore, we are unable to achieve the same low profile that we are with overdenture attachments. This lower profile allows the denture to sit perfectly on the gum surface, an advantage the ball cannot offer. Additionally, attachment abrasion and micro-movements during the mastication process are typical of ball attachments, resulting in frequent retention changes of the prostheses. O-rings inside tend to lose retention over time, requiring periodic replacement. That being said, it is still considered to provide the highest retentive stability of any other available system.

Unrivaled Superior Quality in Edison Medical

We have designed all of our ball attachments from the highest quality titanium (Ti-6AL-4V-ELI) with a titanium nitride (TiN) high quality coating finish. Our silicone inserts are available in different strengths and allow for easy replacement of insert retention.

In our shop, you will find many Compatible solutions for most leading brands on the market.

Procedural Note:

This procedure is usually made chair-side, offering a decent solution for every patient in a timely fashion; a simple 1.25mm hex-driver is needed for insertion.


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