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Supplying Multi Unit Abutment Solutions

Our Clicq™ Multi Unit Abutment system provides the tools to restore even more compromising edentulous cases.
With a wide variety of abutment angles, collar heights and compatibility with various brands, there is no system better equipped to assist you in planning for your patients’ individual needs.

The Multi Unit Abutments intelligent design and restorative flexibility is matched by its ease of use and surgical efficiency.
We offer the greatest range of angulation corrections and least lateral offset, ensuring uncompromising strength, versatility and simplicity.
These implants are placed at specific angles of divergence in order to reinforce the implant-supported dentures in a better fashion and to dissipate the masticatory forces equally in all the planes.

Therefore, angled multi unit abutments are used in these implants to facilitate the extra divergence given to the implants which is rarely possible with ordinary abutments.
It is a fixed implant solution called ‘Screw-Retained Hybrid Denture’ with multi units for edentulous patients desire, an alternative to a removable prostheses while being significantly cost saving vs. major competitors.


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