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Dental Implant Impression Copings

In order to replicate the dental implant positioning in the oral cavity, one needs to make use of the implant impression coping in order to create an exact replica of the shape, position and dimension of the implant for each patient.

Dental Impression to the Implant

In order to attach the impression coping to the implant, it is screwed into position which enables to make a precise impression which is then sent to the laboratory to create a cast. There are two techniques available with impression copings, the open tray technique and the closed tray technique. The open tray techniques allows the dentist to remove the entire impression with the impression copings, including the the screws while still remaining within the material of the impression. Once this is done the analogs are added and can be sent to the laboratory for the remainder of the process. With the open tray technique, one can achieve a higher level of accuracy. With the closed tray technique, firstly the impression is extracted from the oral cavity, removing the screws from the impression coping and the dental implants. Once this is done the implants are put back inside the material, and finally the analogs are put into place as well. We recently launched our new line of Premium angled Implant Impression Coping (PP US62/416.368) with a TiN finish. We produced our Implant Impression Copings with some key advantages that provide distinct improvements from the rest of the market: Our impression copings:
  • Are made of Ti-6AL-4V-ELI Grade 5 Titanium
  • You can purchase them separately
  • Can be reused several times
  • Have a TiN coating
  • Enable you to achieve higher and better levels of accuracy
  • You can use them as a final abutment which make them more cost effective
  • The materials we use: Anodized Aluminium, Plastic and Titanium
  • Edison Medical™ provides a wide variety of implant copings that are compatible with the leading brands on the market


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