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CAD/CAM Dentistry Solutions

Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) uses computer software to design and manufacture the implant prosthesis. This digital form of dentistry is a world apart from the conventional method of taking impressions. It allows the dentist to create customized implants for his/her patient, making the resulting implant the most precise and specialized attainable. 

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dibay’s CAD/CAM dentistry solutions are compatible with all major brands and systems, including NobelActive®, Osstem®, Hiossen®, Dentium®, MegaGen® AnyOne, MegaGen® AnyRidge, Astra Tech® TX, Dio Implant®, NeoBiotech® and more. Browse our selection below of PEEK scan abutments, pre-milled abutments, implant scanbodies, and Ti-Bases.


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