New Implant Design

One implant design
various connections

Main Features

build in platform switching

Prevent crestal bone loss, which is fundamental for long-term success and stability. It increases the volume of soft tissue around the implant platform, helping to improve the aesthetic final result.  As well as reduces the amount of stress transferred from the abutment to the bone.

micro rings

Tapered coronal design and micro rings designed to reduce bone stress and minimize bone  resorption to optimize bone and soft tissue volume.

Dual Threads

Tapered implant body & core with dual threads and optimal pitch of 1.0mm for faster implant insertion with better stability.

Initial Stability

Progressive threads with compression properties and drilling blades on the apex enable to adjust the implant position during placement.

Implant Surface

Proper implant surface is the key for optimal Osseointegration. 

Our unique process is a combination of Sandblasted Large grit particles and Acid etched. The roughened micro & nano surface structure improve bone adhesion that significantly increase surface area of the implant body for optimal osseointegration.

Safe Insertion

Curved passive apex allows safe implant insertion without the risk of damage to the surrounding.


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