dibay catalog implants 2019

During the past 2 years at Edison Medical, we have been working dedicatedly on researching, designing and manufacturing our versatile new line of products. We're proud to announce that it is finally available to all our customers worldwide.

Our new catalog includes a variety of new and exciting products. The first being our new line of implants. Our implants are packed in a new premium packaging. They have a unique design and are compatible with most common brands in the market. To list some: Zimmer®, Nobel Active®,MIS®, Hiossen®, BioHorizon®, Alpha Bio®, Osstem®, Adin®, Implant Direct®.

Under tools, we’re showcasing our special high-quality Surgical Kits, Implant Drivers, Screw Drivers, Drills, Torque ratchets and more. Most importantly though, We would like to highlight our exciting new Advanced Surgical Kit, which we have invested a vast amount of thinking to make it just perfect & simple to use.

Our catalog also features our proudly *Patent pending products: Angled Impression Copings and permanent Overdenture Bar 27 & 28. Our Multi-Bar is very popular for its huge time-saving value. If you are still unfamiliar with our Multi-Bar, we highly encourage you to check it out. Please refer to our All On 4 Implants article to learn more. Our Multi-Bar (fixed & removable) allows you to get a permanent bar for your patient within minutes!

As for our CAD/CAM category, which is continuously increasing in popularity, we’re working on a new comprehensive digital library that will soon follow. Stay tuned!

Moreover, you will almost definitely find anything else that you are looking for. We always aim to provide our customers with everything needed for their dental practice in one place. Just to mention a couple more special products, we recommend looking up our High Precision Titanium Analogs, and our special Multi Unit Mini Kits that include all the required parts inside.

The new catalog is about 100 pages. It includes technical and visual information about each product and its properties. Since we always put emphasis on user experience, you can view the catalog in a special book-like experience from within your browser. For your convenience, we have also added a useful navigation menu to all the different pages to help you find and examine what you’re looking for right away. You can simply download the PDF file as well if that’s what you prefer.
View Catalog Online (Recommended)
PDF File (Large size)

As you probably already know, the IDS 2019 is right around the corner. There’s no better time to launch our new catalog than right before the biggest international dental show (IDS). At the event, we will hand out hard copies, and physically display our products, especially new ones to everyone at our booth. If you’re attending the IDS, make sure to come visit us at Hall 11.3, Booth B-80. Please contact us if you wish to schedule a meeting.


** Registered trademarks are owned by their respective companies and there is no commercial relationship with Edison Medical™ and/or the  Edison Medical™ brand. Its mention is made for proper identification purpose of the dental implant with which the Edison Medical™ abutments can be used.