MegaGen® Implant Systems and Their Inherent Shortcomings

MegaGen AnyRidge compatibility

The background and history of MegaGen® MegaGen® is a South Korean dental instrument and equipment manufacturer specializing in full restoration systems. Established in 2002 under CEO Kwang-Bum Park, the company has expanded rapidly over its almost two decades of operation and is currently revenuing around $25 million annually. Expansion was aggressive from the getgo with […]

The Internal Hex Implant Connection and Its Famous Inward Migration

Internal Hex Connection

The internal hex implant connection is the most popular dental implant connection on the market today. It has been adopted by most dental professionals as the preferred implant connection over its predecessor, the external hex. Developed with the purpose of addressing clinical complications experienced with the external hex, the internal hex was considered a revolutionary […]

Understanding digital dentistry and CAD/CAM technology

digital dentistry

What is CAD/CAM dentistry? The digital age of implant dentistry is upon us and CAD/CAM technology aids dentists in making a superior prosthesis for their patients. Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) uses computer software to design and manufacture the implant prosthesis. This digital form of dentistry is a world apart from the conventional method […]

The Big 5: Get to Know the World’s Leading Dental Implant Systems and Their Manufacturers

Dental Implant Systems

The state of today’s dental implant system market The dental implant market was valued at $4.38 billion in 2018 and has been projected by several economic reports to reach upwards of $8 billion by 2026, powered by the rapid expansion of the aesthetic dentistry in the United States and a growing geriatric population. The current […]

Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments vs. Traditional Impression Copings

Transfer Abutment

Clicq-Pression™ Transfer Abutments (A Edison Medical™ Innovation) vs. Traditional Impression Copings No doubt, dental implants have become the most preferred tooth replacement option among dentists and patients, owing to their excellent durability and naturally pleasant aesthetic. However, when we talk about dental implants, one of the most important factors which determines their long-term success and clinical […]

How Dentists Should Be Buying Dental Implants in 2020

dental implants 2020

Let’s face it – today’s economy is taking a toll on all of us, no matter what our line of work is. A large number of dental practices were already in a bleak financial state by the mid-2000’s, with net incomes beginning to take sharp declines. These financial woes were only exacerbated by the recession, […]

Implant Torque Wrench: Buying the Right Tool for the Perfect Fit

Torque implant Wrench

Pinpointing Quality We all know that for every tool on the market, there is a wide variety to choose from, and sometimes it’s not easy to buy smart. Dental implant tools are produced in many locations around the world, and standards of quality can vary drastically between them. While we work our hardest at Edison […]

Implant Gauge Indicators

Implant Gauge Indicators

Case Planning: A crucial step in implant dentistry Clinical application of osseointegration has significantly evolved over recent decades. The old approach to implant placement was to prioritize areas of the jaw where bone quantity was adequate, limiting alternative possibilities that could potentially be more ideal in a specific patient’s situation (i.e. extreme angulation requiring an alternative […]

Edison Medical™ 2019 Product Catalog

During the past 2 years at Edison Medical, we have been working dedicatedly on researching, designing and manufacturing our versatile new line of products. We’re proud to announce that it is finally available to all our customers worldwide.   Our new catalog includes a variety of new and exciting products. The first being our new […]

The C Word. Comfort & Compatible


As we all well know Dental Implants have been around for a very long time and have made leaps and strides in the field of their practicality, material choices, biocompatibility and much more. With any medical field, there are pioneering companies and manufacturers that are synonymous with that particular field. The same applies to the field of […]

The King of Pop. Introducing our Overdenture Attachment, Pop- Clicq™

Dental Overdenture Denture

We find ourselves at a time where people needing dental implants and other related procedures (such as Overdenture Attachment) is ever growing. Because of these increasing numbers, it is more important than ever to make sure that the market has on offer premium quality solutions not only for dentists, but more over for their patients. With […]

The Core of Core Bone Grafting For Dental Implants


How far have we come in the world of CoreBone Grafting? We currently have the privilege of being front row to some of the most exciting technological and biological advances in the world of Dental Implants and Oral Health. It is now, more than ever, that we are finding exciting biocompatible materials to replace older and less […]

Completely Cobalt Chrome or Totally Titanium?

ucla vs cobalt chrom abutments

Which to choose? Dental Implant popularity has increased dramatically since the mid 1930’s when it began being more accessible as well as available to the public. The popularity of dental implants has grown over the years mostly due to the advanced technology that has made it more and more ‘user friendly’ to those needing them. […]

At the Peak of our field, it’s time you get to know our PEEK Abutments

Peek Temporary Abutment

It’s time you got to know more about our PEEK Abutment The use of Polyether Ether Ketone (Peek) is devoted to innovation in the world of the dental industry. Through the use of Peek materials we are able to offer advanced biocompatible materials, thus providing more solutions in the field with a proven track record […]

Have No Fear, Xi-Nex Is Here & It’s Changing the Way We Deal With Dental Anxiety


Xi-Nex Is  Changing the Way We Deal With Dental Anxiety. Going to the dentist for many of us is not always the most joyes affair. In fact 9-12 percent of all Americans do their very best to avoid keeping dentist appointments. That says A LOT! This ‘condition’ is not restricted to the US only, but […]


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